Become a diet and exersize Ninja!

My dream is to be an exercise and diet Ninja!

An exercise Ninja does only the essential exercise. He subtracts from exercise until it breaks. He knows that his missions are the most important part of his life. So he only exercises as much as necessary to accomplish those missions. But he is still a Ninja! Which means that this exercise gives him an extremely high level of overall physical fitness. He can run fast. Lift things. Climb up things. And he has a core of steel!

For me this means sticking to my program of running 20 minutes 3 times per week and sticking to the 100 push up, 200 sit up, 200 squat programs. I have been following this regime for about 8 weeks and it has been fantastic. I had to build up to the 20 minutes of running (being a cyclist by habit) – I started at 4 minutes :-) But now I am slowly introducing speed intervals into the 20 minutes.

I still do other forms of exercise: walking, hiking, bicycle commuting, playing cricket and soccer with my son and so on. But all of that is unplanned and for fun, not training.

Being a diet Ninja means eating oats and fruit for breakfast. And salad or rice and lentils or beans at lunch. And one plate of whatever my wife has prepared for dinner. It also means no meat and avoiding dairy and refined carbohydrates like bread and pasta. It further means sticking to one cup of coffee per day and limiting alcohol consumption to two glasses of red wine on social occasions.

Becoming an exercise and diet Ninja also means integrating these habits into my life to such an extent that they become second nature. Eventually I won’t really notice it much anymore and I won’t talk about it. It will simply be a support system that helps me do what I value in life.

I am an exercise and diet Ninja! This affirmation reminds me of all of the above. I don’t yet do all of these things all the time. Which is why I need the reminder. But slowly this will stop being an affirmation and simply be what I do each day - like brushing my teeth.

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