Stepping over one-sided fences and doing the impossible in 2012

We must fulfill ourselves in the present - Anais Nin

I don't do well on coffee. Actually all caffeine. I can’t concentrate, I get irritable and when I have enough of it I get depressed. But I love the stuff. I love the smell, the way in which it wakes you up in the morning. So for years I have been hooked on this thing that is not good for me. I knew that it would be better for me to quit, but I just couldn't.

But now I am off caffeine. Totally off. I will tell the story of how this happened another time. All that is important for now is that I take caffeine no more. What a relief.

Then I thought: What if some of my other ‘I just can’t seem to get right’ issues were also possible to deal with? And yours?

Photo courtesy of Ann Douglas
I think of Nanowrimo in the same way. In November I wrote a novel. Previously on my list of ‘impossible’. Now on the ‘done’ pile.

I also became vegetarian this year. 
          Stepping over one-sided fences 
So now I look back from achieving stuff that I thought impossible: How could I have been so wrong about my abilities? One of my mentors used to say that these barriers are like a one-sided fence. From the inside they look solid and impassable. From the outside we can see that they are not really there. 
This experience raises the question of what else I am capable of. And of what else YOU are capable of?

So this is my wish for you in 2012: Attempt the impossible! Those things that you think "would be cool, but could never do”? That novel you have always wanted to write, that job you always wanted to apply for, or that person you always imagined having as a friend. You know what is on your list better than I do. Do them in 2012!

Try this as a first step

Close your eyes and imagine that you are capable of easily doing this thing that you have always dreamt of doing. Once you are there, ask yourself what you would be doing if this were true. Today. Now. If you could easily write and record an album, what would you be doing about that today? Or if you could easily enroll for and complete a PhD, what would you be doing about it now?

Then do it. Today. Now. Take that first step. And the next. Soon momentum will take over.

Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, handsome, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? - Marianne Williamson


marquita herald said...

I love the title of your post. I am a (self-employed) drudge who went just WAY too long without a day off. I've learned that when you don't give yourself breathing room you lose site of why you're doing what you're doing and start thinking way too small. I took last week off and now I can see the big picture again - and for the first time in a long time (wait for it, I'm finally getting to the point!) I'm eager to start climbing new fences. Thanks for the added inspiration.

Albert said...

Thanks for the nice comment. We do tend to get too close to the things that we care a lot about. And its counter-intuitive to step back. But as your story illustrates: it works! Keep up the good work.