First, be a good animal

Photo courtesy of Tambako the Jaguar
Dean Karnazes goes on and on about human bodies being designed for movement. Chris McDougall even finds scientific evidence for this claim. They both argue that the sedentary life that many rich people in cities live (that is you and me and most people that we know), is not natural. That our bodies and minds work better when we do lots of exercise.

It is not hard to imagine that a lot of people would disagree. Or that it may not appear to be true for a lot of people.

But it is true for me. I am at my most natural when I get lots of long, slow, gentle exercise and lots of rest. That gives my body a feeling of well-being, my emotional life stabilizes, and my mind becomes sharper.

This is how I follow Emerson's injunction: "First, be a good animal".

Even if you are not an exersize obsessive, have you discovered what your body needs to thrive? Do you give your body what it needs to be a good animal? What do you do to follow its natural rhythms?



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EmergentMadonko said...

Albert ... I really like the post. I am beginning to understand how to be a better animal (a good animal I think I would like to eventually be a vegetarian but that is another issue).

I have been giving myself 20 minutes on the treadmill or taking the stairs in the hotel. Sleeping when I need to sleep and using the sunlight to wake me up in the morning (not always successfully but it is working). I am also getting in touch with my feelings more. Allowing my excitement (wagging my tail) to show as well as my fear (tail between my legs). I think the more we are able to Be the easier it is to navigate our world.

Next small step for me ....
Enjoy some sunshine and contemplate revolutions