Sometimes your Most Important Task is to ignore your Most Important Task

Like many others, I work hard to try and improve myself and the way that I organize my life. This work is about efficiency (doing things without wasting time or resources) and effectiveness (doing the right things). This is right and I will keep on doing it. But we are not machines. And we should not operate ourselves like machines.

Over the last few days I have felt myself becoming tense and restless. I have been doing great work, but somehow that was not enough anymore. So after getting the kids to school this morning, I decided that enough is enough. Rather than continuing to ignore the rumble in my soul, I went for a walk with the dogs.

Forty five minutes of fresh air did the trick. I realized that I had been pushing too hard, taking things too seriously. That I needed to relax a little and be a little nicer to myself and others.

I have written about relaxation and prioritization before. It seems that sometimes our most important task is to ignore our most important task. Relax, smile, take a walk.

As Lao Tzu says:
"In order to lead people, One must follow them."

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